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Two diagnoses, one supportive team: Bradley’s story

Bradley Carson smiling outdoors

Bradley was familiar with North Carolina long before he joined Duke Health. Growing up here, Bradley already knew that health care was an important part of the Triangle community, and that Duke Health is a leader – contributing to why he joined us.

As he was developing his career, Bradley took his scientific background – including a PhD in organic chemistry – and trained to become certified as a medical laboratory scientist. After earning a generalist certification and gaining experience in clinical chemistry while in Virginia, Bradley found the perfect opportunity to pursue his interest in health care while leveraging his skill set as part of Duke University Health System Clinical Laboratories.

Bradley Carson smiling at a desk inside Duke University Health System Clinical Laboratories

The opportunity to come work at Duke in immunology seemed like a way to build on my existing skill set and learn more about a field I found interesting.

Bradley Carson

Advanced Medical Laboratory Scientist, Duke University Heal System Clinical LaboratoriesWith Duke since 2020

The first diagnosis

Over some time, including before he joined Duke Health, Bradley began to feel like something wasn’t quite right with his health. When a primary care visit revealed low hemoglobin levels, he had a follow up appointment that revealed swollen lymph nodes in a chest X-ray. He then understood the root cause of his symptoms.

Next steps progressed quickly after identifying lymphoma, including additional testing and a diagnosis of idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease. Bradley began treatment for nine months, but a year later, the lymphoma relapsed.

Bradley Carson receiving treatment for lymphoma

I knew the quality programs in place that assured accuracy and lab values. This helped the doctors make a determination for an effective course of treatment.

Bradley Carson

Advanced Medical Laboratory Scientist, Duke University Health System Clinical LaboratoriesWith Duke since 2020

The second diagnosis

When the lymphoma relapsed, the pathology report identified stage two nodular sclerosis, or Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

As Bradley began treatments again, he found comfort in knowing how the quality systems worked from his role in Duke’s laboratories. He also trusted the talented nursing team members who worked tirelessly to provide the compassionate care that Duke Health is known for delivering – not only to him, but to all patients. After another six months of chemotherapy, Bradley completed treatment and rang the Sound of Hope Bell at the Duke Cancer Center alongside his fellow team members.

Bradley Carson stands with a colleague in front of the Bell of Hope outside of the Duke Cancer Center

My colleagues actually gave me peace of mind. I felt like I was in the right place at the right time.

Bradley Carson

Advanced Medical Laboratory Scientist, Duke University Health System Clinical LaboratoriesWith Duke since 2020

Bradley has been in remission and cancer-free since then, which has given him time to reflect on his experience. During treatment, Bradley had access to the benefits he needed to heal, including comprehensive health coverage and short-term disability. He was even able to continue working remotely during part of his treatments. All of this – plus the continued support of fellow team members – helped give Bradley, in part, the strength to beat lymphoma not once, but twice.

More than anything, this journey has shown Bradley the importance of diagnosing early-stage cancers in helping avoid more difficult and costly treatments. While Bradley is hopeful that one day vaccines might be developed to prevent cancer, in the meantime, he’s finding fulfillment in his lab career with us, making a difference for patients in his own way.

Bradley Carson smiling outdoors

Duke Health is full of remarkable people doing exceptional work. I feel like I'm making a positive impact in people's lives.

Bradley Carson

Advanced Medical Laboratory Scientist, Duke University Health System Clinical LaboratoriesWith Duke since 2020

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