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Joni’s story: finding a place to advance at Duke

Photo of Joni Danjczek

An instant connection

Joni first arrived at Duke Health as a travel nurse after relocating to the area from Arizona with her husband. It didn’t take long for Duke Health to become Joni’s first choice for a permanent role.

Photo of Joni Danjczek

I immediately fell in love with the hospital and the unit. I decided to stay at Duke because I really appreciated that Duke was a Magnet facility. That means that nursing has a big say in the way we do different procedures and protocols. I felt like Duke really exemplified that.

Joni Danjczek

Nurse Manager, Unit 5-3, Duke Regional HospitalWith Duke since 2006

A deepening bond

Joni found a home at Duke Health and opted to stay on full time at Duke Regional Hospital’s Unit 5-3 – the same unit she had started in as a travel nurse. After gaining additional experience and strengthening her bonds on the team, Joni felt ready to advance into a leadership role. Through participation in Duke’s Nursing Career Ladder and her time as a charge nurse in the unit, Joni gained the experience needed to continue her leadership journey to nurse manager.

In more than 15 years at Duke Health, Joni says she’s grown tremendously as a nurse and as a person. She helped to start a new stroke program on her unit and eventually contributed to Duke Regional Hospital becoming a certified stroke center. Joni has also grown as a leader. She spends time deepening the bond with the team and understanding what each of her team members’ strengths are in order to help them grow and pursue their passions.

Photo of Joni Danjczek

Honestly, I just get excited to connect with the team. I want to hear about what's going on with them. What's happening in their lives. I feel like the most important thing I can do is have that connection with them, so they know they're in a safe place and excited to come to work.

Joni Danjczek

Nurse Manager, Unit 5-3, Duke Regional HospitalWith Duke since 2006

Opportunities at every turn

No matter your clinical area of interest, a nursing career filled with growth, support, and opportunities await you at Duke Health. Explore Nursing Roles

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