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Follow your passions at Duke Health: Marina's story

team member marina boyle smiling in front of wall

Finding Duke

Going into college, Marina Boyle, radiologic technologist at Duke University Hospital, did not anticipate pursuing a career in health care. In fact, she studied culinary arts, and shortly after graduating, launched her career as a pastry chef. 

Marina continued to pursue this passion over the next ten years. After moving to Durham to be closer to her now husband, who was a respiratory therapist at Duke Health, she took a food service contracting job at Duke University Hospital. It was this position that opened Marina’s eyes to opportunities in health care.  

“In the cafeteria, you see so many Duke staff throughout the entire day. You get to learn everybody by name, what everybody does, what different departments everybody works for,” said Marina. “I just found radiology so fascinating.” 

Switching career paths

Over the next few years, Marina continued those conversations and built relationships with Duke Health radiology team members, learning as much as she could about their careers and how they care for patients. With their support and encouragement, Marina eventually made the choice to go back to school for radiology. 

Following her graduation from Vance-Granville Community College, Marina began her new radiology career.  

In July 2020, Marina accepted a position as a radiologic technologist in the operating room at Duke University Hospital. As a new radiologic technologist who had completely switched career paths, Marina felt a mix of emotions. 

image of marina boyle

It was exciting and scary being in one field for so long and changing up my life. But it felt good to finally be back here and doing something I never thought I would do.

Marina Boyle

Radiologic Technologist, Duke University HospitalWith Duke since 2020

Cultivating support

Despite these emotions, Marina was embraced by her team.  

“My teammates were amazing in helping me learn the reins,” said Marina. “They were super supportive, willing to answer any questions, and teach me things I may not have known or had the chance to learn in school.” 

Over the next two years, Marina gained experience in the operating room environment, providing radiology support to both patients and fellow team members. In May 2022, Marina progressed into a new radiologic technologist role at the Duke Spine Center, part of Duke University Hospital’s outpatient clinics. In her new role, she found the opportunity to expand on her expertise with another supportive team.  

“It is 100% the team that keeps me here,” said Marina. “Not just the radiology team, but also the nursing staff. We really connect. We work well together, are very supportive of each other and help wherever we can.”  

It is this support from her fellow team members and supervisors that has motivated Marina to, again, pursue further education. Marina is completing her bachelor's degree in medical imaging at the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences while utilizing Duke’s Employee Tuition Assistance Program, which offers reimbursement for tuition of up to $5,250 per calendar year for full-time team members. 

For Marina, it is meaningful to participate in the program, helping her feel empowered to advance her career and stay knowledgeable in a medical field that is constantly evolving, without having to bear the expense of higher education. More than this financial support, however, Marina appreciates the encouragement of her team as she grows at Duke. 

“If they know that I have a final coming up, they really work with me to be sure I have that study time,” said Marina. “They’re always making sure that I’m okay and asking me ‘how’s school going?’ or ‘do you have enough time?’ and checking on me all the time.” 

Advancing her career in new ways

Marina is not yet finished growing at Duke Health. Eventually, she plans to use her medical imaging experience and degree in a new way. 

“Research is super interesting to me. There are things that Duke is doing, and even companies outside of Duke, that involve medical imaging in research. Maybe one day, I’ll go for becoming a physician assistant,” said Marina. “I have really supportive management that is guiding me to follow wherever school takes me. I have many things I want to do and I haven't settled yet.”

Pursue your passions and interests with a team that backs your calling to care at Duke Health. 

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