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Device supports Duke team giving in-home care

Team members at Duke HomeCare & Hospice now receive extra support in the field, thanks to a wireless panic button attached to their badge.

“The SoloProtect device is just one step we are taking to ensure we create a safe environment for team members,” said Lisa Tuttle, RN, CHPN, NE-BC, BS, MSN, Senior Associate Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Director of Clinical Operations at Duke HomeCare & Hospice. “It allows team members, who often work alone visiting patients in their homes, to have peace of mind that they have help if they need it.”

Roughly 185 Duke HomeCare & Hospice team members utilize the badge holder device powered by cellular technology that lets team members initiate a discreet "Red Alert.” If a situation warrants an immediate response, the monitoring center will promptly contact 911 on behalf of the team member, providing vital geo-location coordinates, and detailed information about the incident that triggered the alert.

Marcene smiling in duke blue scrubs.

It's a great comfort knowing that even though we work alone, we have direct access to fast, reliable, and competent help if needed.

Marcene McGuire, BSN, RN 

Clinical Services NurseWith Duke since 2003

Should an incident occur, the Duke Homecare & Hospice leadership team is also immediately notified to provide comprehensive post incident support.

"SoloProtect is about staying safe,” Sharon Ashe, Nursing Care Assistant I, Duke HomeCare & Hospice. “Reassurance and peace of mind are invaluable when you're out there."

Duke Health takes pride in our unwavering stance against workplace violence, and we remain committed to providing team members with the tools they need to feel protected, supported, and confident in their work environment with the walls of our buildings and outside in the community.

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