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Working within a supportive health system: Andrew's story

team member andrew griffin smiling in front of orange wall

Andrew Griffin began his nursing journey at Duke Health during clinical rotations at Duke Regional Hospital and Duke University Hospital, while a student at the Duke-affiliated Watts School of Nursing. By spring of 2015, he then began his career at Duke University Hospital in the 4300 General Medicine Stepdown Unit.  

Andrew has been employed with Duke Health ever since — and says the supportive community is part of what has kept him here. 

"I just think the atmosphere, the patient-centered care, the teams that I've been able to work with, and the colleagues that I've been able to have, have helped me to grow as a person and nurse," said Andrew. "It's a team environment and I really feel like that's something that's important to me."

As Andrew continued in his career at Duke University Hospital, he eventually moved into a new role in radiation oncology at the Duke Cancer Center. In his new role as an experienced nurse, and his previous role as a recent nursing graduate, Andrew found support from his managers to advance in his career and better meet the needs of patients. 

“I’ve had great managers in both positions I’ve had here at Duke,” said Andrew. “They’ve been very supportive in pushing me to move up the clinical ladder.”  

The Duke Health Nursing Career Ladder, a development and promotion program for nurses, helped him grow and move from the title of clinical nurse II to clinical nurse III. 

“It’s been great to see, to get the recognition of the work that I do and expand the role I have as a nurse here in the clinic,” he said.  

The support does not pause at the end of his shift. Andrew’s managers and fellow team members support his priorities outside of his career, too. 

“I think they have just been overall very supportive; supportive of my work life as well as supportive and understanding of my home life,” said Andrew. “I definitely am a dad first, a husband first, a nurse second, and a Duke employee second — and I feel like they are very understanding of that.” 

Find the support you need to advance your career and truly thrive at Duke Health — both on and off the clock.

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