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Finding purpose through Duke Health and military service: Kevin’s story

Kevin Tirado Roman with a military colleague

Kevin joined Duke Health as a nurse anesthetist immediately after graduating from Wake Forest University in 2018. He was drawn to us thanks to our reputation for handling complex cases with compassion.

In his more than five years with us, Kevin has enjoyed making a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Kevin Tirado Roman

One of the most rewarding parts about my job is I strike a perfect balance between working with the patient and then communicating with surgeons, nurses, PAs, you name it. I've met some awesome people along the way.

Kevin Tirado Roman, MSN, CRNA

Nurse Anesthetist, Duke University HospitalWith Duke since 2018

After completing school and joining Duke Health as a CRNA, Kevin had dreams of giving back and utilizing his skills in a new way by joining the military. After six months at Duke Health, he pursued that military dream and put his anesthesia skills to use with the Army Reserve. Kevin credits his leadership team at Duke Health for the understanding and flexibility that allow him to serve not only Duke Health patients, but our country.

Kevin Tirado Roman

Other soldiers always bring up that it was a hassle to get the time off that they needed. I've never once thought about the time off leaving Duke. It's really nice that I can focus solely on my military experience when I'm away.

Kevin Tirado Roman, MSN, CRNA

Nurse Anesthetist, Duke University HospitalWith Duke since 2018

Now, in addition to his Army Reserve duties, Kevin competes regularly in Army-sponsored event competitions as part of the CIOR Military Pentathlon competition. The entire team is made up of about 12 soldiers from all across the United States, of varying backgrounds, but they compete in a three-person team that travels around the world, representing the U.S. in places like Germany, Greece, and Denmark. These competitions can take up to two months of time – but this has never been a barrier for Kevin at Duke Health. He coordinates with his supervisor to make the transition between events easy.

And the military leave isn’t the only benefit that makes Kevin’s life easier. He’s also grateful for the tuition reimbursement and parental leave plans we offer here, especially as he looks to grow his family and career.

Finding support for all facets of his life is what makes Duke Health special for Kevin. With caring leaders and the flexibility to support an ideal work-life balance, Kevin knows this is the place for him to grow roots.

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