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Mollie's path to home health care


Mollie’s first role at Duke Health was as a nurse on the COVID-19 unit at Duke Regional Hospital. As a nurse still new in her career, Mollie was excited to switch to a role with more patient interaction – something she missed in the OR.

“While searching for a new position that would fit my needs, I stumbled upon the position on the COVID unit. During the pandemic, I was excited to be able to do my part and help these patients,” she said.

Duke Health had been an organization where she wanted to work since nursing school.

As she grew her skills with the support of the nurse residency program – a 12-month program that helps new nurses grow in their first year at Duke – Mollie found herself gravitating toward something that would fulfil her in a different way. However, she didn’t want to leave the supportive environment of Duke Health.

After caring for COVID-19 patients for close to a year, she transitioned to a night shift nursing role on the postpartum unit at Duke Regional Hospital in 2021. Although she loved making a difference in this position, night shifts did not align with her lifestyle.

Just as Mollie found herself ready for something new, she heard about available opportunities in Duke HomeCare & Hospice. She remembered how much she enjoyed home health during school, so she applied to explore the home health side of nursing. Now, a year into the role, she couldn’t be happier with where her career journey has led her.

Moving from in-patient to home health care

There are some big differences that Mollie noticed when she made the switch to home health care.

"I have patients’ undivided attention, and they have mine,” Mollie said. “We can really focus on the current needs at hand and how to better assist them in their own environment.”

Building these relationships is Mollie’s favorite part of her new position with Duke HomeCare & Hospice, where she sees patients between one and three times a week for 60 days on average.

"My favorite part of my job is getting to know the patients,” Mollie said. “I really develop good relationships with them. They get to know me. They trust me. They build that rapport, so when I come in, they know what to expect."

She also finds fulfillment in the autonomy that comes with home care. And Mollie was able to create a flexible schedule, with the support of her manager, to fit her lifestyle.

Receiving support in every role

As she explored the opportunities at Duke Health, there was one thing Mollie knew she could always count on – support from her managers and teammates. Throughout her journey here, she has experienced a caring culture supportive of her desire to grow and experience new nursing opportunities.

As a home care provider, Mollie knows that her supervisors are always a phone call away when she needs them. She’s also grateful to constantly learn new skills and contribute to advancing health together in this new way.

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