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The way we care for patients is constantly evolving. Duke Health nurses like Jonathan McGee are a driving force in this culture of improvement. He saw a better way to connect patients to vital resources and had leadership's support every step of the way.

Medicine is changing. The way we care for patients as nurses is changing and Jonathan was empowered to explore new ways to care for people better. 

    Jonathan smiling in blue scrubs.

    I had this idea and my managers encouraged me. A screening tool to find people with unmet palliative need in the ICU. An idea that then went forward. That means a lot. It meant that I nursed better. It meant that I nursed as someone with broader perspective. It meant that I nursed as a scientist.

    Jonathan McGee, BSN, RN, CCRN

    CNIII, Duke University Hospital Critical Care Float PoolWith Duke since 2017

    Katia smiling in duke blue scrubs at Duke University Hospital.

    Life-long learning support at Duke

    While her title has changed a few times, Katia's passion for helping others has continued with every role. As a student in Duke's Professional Nursing Assistant Program, she validated her nurse calling and knew Duke Health was the place for her. With the support of leadership, Katia has continued to grow her career advancing to become an Assistant Nurse Manager all while pursuing her Master's degree with the help of Duke tuition assistance programs. 

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